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NMISA maintains a realisation of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), called UTC (ZA), for South Africa, Eswatini & Lesotho. The current time is :  

South African Standard Time (SAST) is defined as UTC + 2 hours. The current time is : for South Africa, Eswatini & Lesotho. The current time is :


The Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration​ (AUV) Section forms part of the Physical and Electrical Division at NMISA. It consists of the Acoustics, Ultrasound and Vibration Laboratories. These Laboratories are responsible for the realisation and maintenance of the national measurement standards (NMS) for Acoustics (sound in air), Underwater Acoustics (sound in water), Ultrasound, Vibration and ShockThey disseminate traceability to the South African industry, SADC region and parts of Africa for these measurement standardsThe AUV Section operates in partnership with the local industry, universities and science councils for research and development of measurement solutions related to these fields of metrology.  

The AUV Section prides itself in realising the NMS using primary methods to deliver calibration services of the highest accuracy on the African continent. The section’s team members represent South Africa and AFRIMETS at national and international meetings.

Key Facts 

The Laboratories are SANAS accredited (facility number 1600). They offer the following calibration services:

Acoustics Laboratory

  • Sound level meters (IEC 60651, IEC 60804, IEC 61672-3) 
  • Laboratory- and working standard microphones (IEC 61094-2, IEC 61094-5, IEC 61094-6) 
  • Sound calibrators & pistonphones (IEC 942, IEC 60942, IEC 60942) 
  • Octave and fractional octave band filters (IEC 225, IEC 61260) 
  • Personal sound exposure meters aka noise dosimeters (IEC 60651, IEC 60804, IEC 61252)​
Vibration Laboratory

  • Calibration of vibration transducers: 
    • Complex sensitivity (magnitude & phase)  
      • 0,4 Hz to 10 kHz 
      • 0,1 Hz to 20 kHz (not accredited)  
  • Shock sensitivity calibration of vibration transducers 
    • 50 m/s2 to 2 500 m/s2 
    • 2 km/s2 to 50 km/s2 (not accredited) 
  • Vibration analysers and vibration measuring instruments 
    • 3 Hz to 10 kHz (0,01 m/s2 to 2​0 m/s2
  • Human vibration (hand/arm and full body) monitoring instruments. 
  • Seismic monitoring equipment 
    • > 3 Hz to 200 Hz 
  • Charge amplifiers ​
    • 0,1 Hz to 20 kHz 
  • Force transducers 
    • 10 Hz to 10 kHz 
  • Impact hammers ​

Ultrasound and Underwater acoustics

Not yet accredited, but will soon offer the following services 

  • Ultrasound – calibration of medical ultrasonic transducer power up to 10 W (1 MHz – 10 MHz) using the radiation force balance (RFB) 
  • Underwater acoustics – calibration of hydrophones and projectors over 4 kHz to 200 kHz using 
    • Primary method – Reciprocity 
    • Secondary method - Comparison
New Developments

Acoustics Laboratory  
  • Artificial ear and artificial mastoid calibration services in accordance with IEC 60318 are nearing completion within the Acoustics Laboratory and will be offered soon. This will underpin and establish traceability within South Africa for artificial ears and artificial mastoids, that are used for the calibration of audiometers, within the audiometry and hearing conservation communities through the calibration of hearing aids. 
Vibration Laboratory
  • In the Vibration Laboratory, the mobile calibration system has been evaluated and can now be used to perform onsite calibration of vibration transducers. This reduce the downtime for clients that have to courier equipment to NMISA. 
  • The development and validation of primary shock calibration system covering 50 m/s2 to 2 500 m/s2 is completed. Applying for SANAS accreditation is in the final stages.
Some of the industries served: 
  • Health & Safety 
  • Human vibration monitoring 
  • Environmental monitoring 
  • Mining 
  • Transport 
  • Civil engineering 
  • Condition monitoring 
  • Motor industry 
  • Aerospace 
  • Universities 
  • Research Institutes 
  • Medical industry (ultrasound) 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Maritime industry 
How can we help you? 
  • The expertise in the Vibration laboratory are available to industry, not only for calibration work, but also to provide measurement solutions, assist with product development, training and any and all vibration related matters.

The team

​ ​

​​Name and Surname
​Designation​ ​Email ​Telephone

​Dr. Aletta Karsten​Section Head:
​+27 12 947 2815​
Moses ThembaSenior Metrologist:
​+27 12 947 2815​
​Ian Veldman
Research ​​​&Development Metrologist: Acoustics, Vibration,and Ultrasound
+27 12 ​​​ 947 2760​
Mr. Riaan Nel  
Senior Metrologyist: Acoustics ​(sound pressure in air)
MTech: Electronic Engineering
+27 12 947 2859
Vumile Tyalimpi Scientist/Engineer: Ultrasound and Underwater​
+27 12 947 2888​


Technical Advisory Forums (TAFs) are held periodically

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