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The National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA) holds several accreditations granted by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS).  Below is a list of the accredited laboratory fields:


ISO/IEC Standard


ISO/IEC 17025Acoustics & Vibration
1601ISO/IEC 17025Gas
1602ISO/IEC 17025Force
1603ISO/IEC 17025Temperature
1604ISO/IEC 17025Time and Frequency
1605ISO/IEC 17025Mass (small volume & quantities, density)
1606ISO/IEC 17025Length 
1607ISO/IEC 17025Radiation Dosimetry
1608ISO/IEC 17025Radio Frequency
1610ISO/IEC 17025Radioactivity
1611ISO/IEC 17025Photometry and Radiometry
1612ISO/IEC 17025DC Low Frequency
1613ISO/IEC 17025Humidity
1614ISO/IEC 17025Pressure
1615ISO/IEC 17025Inorganic Plasma Spectrometry
1616ISO/IEC 17025Organic Chemistry
1618ISO/IEC 17025Fibre Optics
16​20ISO/IEC 17025Flow
1621ISO/IEC 17025Torque
ISO 17034Organic Chemistry Producer of Certified Reference Material
RMP002ISO 17034Gas Metrology Producer of Certified Reference Material
T0555ISO/IEC 17025Inorganic Plasma Spectrometry (Technique)
AFRIMETSISO/IEC 17025Peer Reviewed Purity Assignment
PTS0015ISO/IEC 17043Proficiency Testing Scheme Provider

​The current accreditation scopes of the laboratories may be viewed on the SANAS website by selecting “Accredited Organisations"