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The following accredited measurement and calibration services are available.

Time and Frequency

  • Frequency (e.g. oscillators)

  • Time Interval (e.g. time delay generators, stopwatches, timers)

  • Rise- and fall-time (e.g. pulse generators, oscilloscopes)

  • Phase angle (e.g. phase angle meters, gener​ators)

  • Rotational speed (e.g. tachometers)

Fibre Optics

  • Fibre optic power (e.g. fibre optic power meters, return loss meters)

  • Wavelength (e.g. OSA, fibre optic sources, LED, FP laser, wavemeter, return loss meter)

  • OTDR loss scale deviation (e.g. OTDR)

  • OTDR distance scale deviation and location offset (e.g. OTDR)

  • Optical length (e.g. fibre reels, fibre standards)​

Temperature and Humidity Laboratory Services​

  • Calibration of contact thermometers from -196 °C to 1555 °C:

    • platinum resistance thermometers (PRTs) can be calibrated from -196 °C to 660 °C.
    • thermistors from 0 °C to 60 °C.

    • thermocouples from -80 °C to 1555 °C and

    • liquid-in-glass thermometers from -25 °C to 280 °C.

  • Calibration of infrared radiation thermometers from 0 °C to 1600 °C and blackbody radiation sources from 0 °C to 2000 °C.

  • Traceability for contact thermometry is obtained from thermometric fixed point cells from the triple point of argon (Ar) (-189.344 2 °C) to the freezing point of copper (1084.62 °C). (Pt-Rh thermocouples are calibrated at the melting point of palladium (1553.5 °C) using the wire-bridge method.

  • Development of calibration methods and transfer traceability to industry and African NMIs.
  • Dissemination of temperature scales by calibration of temperature sensors.

  • Provide a link between the African region and the rest of the world’s NMIs through comparison measurements in temperature and humidity.

  • Fixed points calibration of standard platinum resistance thermometers from Ar to Al points.

  • Calibration of other contact thermometers in the temperature range from -80 °C to 1600 °C.

  • Fixed point calibration of thermocouples in the temperature range from Sn to Pd points.

  • Calibration of surface thermometers in the temperature range from 0 °C to 450 °C.

  • Calibration of radiation thermometers and blackbody radiation sources from 0 °C to 2000 °C.

  • Calibration of hygrometers, saturated salt solution and humidity related measuring equipment from 5 %rh to 95 %rh.

  • Calibration of dewpoint meters from -75 °C to +70 °C.

  • Calibration of water activity meters from 0,05 aw to 0,95 aw.

  • Traceability for radiation thermometry is obtained from contact thermometers up to 500 °C and from a spectrally characterised monochromatic radiation thermometer calibrated at the freezing point of silver (961.78 °C) or copper (1084.62 °C) from 600 °C.