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​​​​​​​​​​​About the NMISA Training Centre

The expertise residing in the staff of NMISA is an important contribution to the development of a skilled and capable workforce through training in Measurement Science. NMISA assists SADC and Africa in capacity building by providing training to their metrologists through a Metrology Training Centre for South African metrologists and analysts.  NMISA presents courses in either a classroom setting or online, provides lecturers to other training providers and provides​ practical laboratory training.​

Classroom ​​courses and practical training​​​​

​​Our Centre offers a mixture of classroom courses and practical training, depending on the specific needs of the clients.

Online c​​​ourses

​NMISA provides online courses.  Browse courses on our Training Platform.  The platform will also contain information about upcoming courses.  Purchase available courses from our online shop.

​​​Course ​​format

​Courses presented by NMISA will have an evaluation that must be successfully completed before a certificate will be issued. The format of the evaluation is available on the specific course page.  Should the learner not be successful with the first attempt, a second attempt will be allowed. Any further attempts to comply with the evaluation criteria will attract​​​ an additional administration fee.

​More inform​​ation​?

Contact Aletta Karsten or call +27 12 947 2761​​