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Gro​wing and sustaining the manufacturing industry with accurate measurements


South African manufacturers must create products that meet international standards to compete outside our borders. Doing so helps guarantee buyers worldwide that a product will perform as expected.


NMISA supports this at a foundational level by:

  • Setting internationally accepted calibration standards for measurement tools in industry. By using our standards to calibrate their measurement tools, manufacturers can ensure that they're working accurately and in line with international measurement standards
  •  ​Providing a detailed analysis of the materials used in manufacturing, which offers insights into the expected performance and durability of the materials and components used

Key industries we support:

  • Automotive
  • Mining and minerals processing
  • Chemicals and petrochemicals
  • Metals manufacturing industry
  • Agriculture
  • Plastics​

What sets us apart

The most accurate measurement capability in South Africa and a leader  on the African continent

To uphold international measurement standards, NMISA has to ensure that our accuracy in metrology is of the highest standard. 

Our laboratories are equipped with some of the most sophisticated measurement technology on the African continent and staffed with a team of top-tier scientists, engineers, and researchers, many of whom are internationally renowned.

We provide the following calibration standards used for precision engineering across the manufacturing sector:

  • ​Laser calibrations
  • End standards
  • Line scales
  • Optical flats and optical parallels
  • Roundness standards
  • Surface texture standards
  • Angle standards

Troubleshooting expertise ​

NMISA has become a trusted partner to manufacturers when difficulties arise with performance and components used in their processes. We provide guidance and technical insights by analysing the materials used (purity, tensile strength) and applying our measurement expertise to the problem.