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The Materials Characterisation section offers advanced materials analysis services to diverse industries and applications can be found in the realms of, mining and minerals, transport, packaging, electronics, metal beneficiation, automotive components, medical implants, stack filters and advanced nanomaterials. Using state-of-the-art equipment, the atomic structure, composition and topography of the surface and bulk of a material can be studied and thereby providing solutions to problems such as corrosion and microscopic mechanical failure. 

Did you know?

  • The materials characterisation group is the only commercial facility in the country that offers XPS, TOFSIMS, FIB-SEM/EDS/EBSD, XRD, FTIR and PSD analysis to industry and academia. 
  • The group has partaken in multiple international studies and provides world class measurements at competitive rates.

We​​ can:  

  • Measure the surface/bulk composition and structure of nanomaterials, metals, semiconductors, coatings, glass, catalysts, li-ion battery components, solar cells, welding, corrosion and polymers.
  • Form part of your quality control process and help ensure that your products meet your customer's requirements.
  • Help you find the cause for your material's failure
  • Identify sources of corrosion found on your product's surface.
  • Identify minerals and analyse the surface composition of mined ore pre- and post-flotation

The t​​e​​am

C​​ontact Expertise Email Telephone
Clive OliphantFIB-SEM,
+27 12 947 2727
Werner JordaanXPS,
+27 12  947 2892
Loukie AdlemSEM,​
+27 12  947 2786