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NMISA maintains a realisation of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), called UTC (ZA), for South Africa, Eswatini & Lesotho. The current time is :  

South African Standard Time (SAST) is defined as UTC + 2 hours. The current time is : for South Africa, Eswatini & Lesotho. The current time is :


The work of the Gas Analysis section is informed by the Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as well as South African national regulations on air pollution monitoring, law enforcement and occupational health and safety. The section is responsible for the dissemination of primary reference gas mixtures, as well as the provision of measurement services; reference measurements and calibration, including training, proficiency testing, assessments and consulting

Key f​acts

  • The Gas Analysis Section comprises of the only facility in the country that is accredited to SANS 1793 – Wet method for the calibration of Evidential Breath Alcohol Analysers.

  • The section has key representation at the Gas Analysis Working Group of the Consultative Committee on Amount of Substance (CCQM), a consultative committee of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM).

  • The section comprises of accreditation facilities CRM 002 and 1601 to produce certified reference materials and calibration.​

How can we help​

The following measurement and calibration services are available.​​

Primary reference gas mixtures:​

  • ​Permanent gases (CO2, O2 and CO)
  • Automotive and stack emission gas

  • VOCs (Hydrocarbons, ethanol, methanol, acetone, BTEX)

  • Reactive gases (H2S, SO2, NOX)

  • Reference measurements

  • Proficiency testing schemes

  • Calibration of ozone measuring instruments

  • Calibration of evidential alcohol breath analysers

  • Calibration of indoor air quality monitors


  • ​​Train​ing (Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy, Gas Chromatography and many more measurement techniques)​

Development of Nation​al Measurement Standards​

The area is currently developing these new or improved measurement standards;

  • Nitrous oxide in air – Greenhouse gas emissions and monitoring

  • Automotive emission gases in nitrogen

  • Low mole fraction (ppb level SO2, H2S and NO) using dynamic dilution techniques.

  • Natural gases

  • Non-methane hydrocarbons

  • Oxygenated and other types of volatile organic compounds

The team

​​Name and Surname
Mudalo Jozela
​​Scientist: Gas
+27 12 947 2818 
​Prelly Marebane
​MSc Bursary: Gas
​+27 12 947​ 2851
​Tshepiso Mphamo
​Scientist: Gas
​+27 12 947​ 2885
​David Mogale
​Metrologist: Gas
+27 12 947​ 2816​
​Nompumelelo Leshabane
​Scientist: Gas
​+27 12 947​ 2830
​Portia Seemane
Snr Scientist: Gas​
​+27 12 947​ 2849
​Gumani Mphaphuli
​Undergraduate Bursary: Gas
​+27 12 947​ 2757
​Goitsemang Lekoto
​Scientist: Gas Analysis
​+27 12 947​ 2756
​Kennedy Ramahala
​NMISA Bursary: Gas
​+27 12 947 2773
​Lincon Maluleke
​Intern: Gas
​+27 12 947 2783
​Wilson Magobo
​Postgraduate Bursary: Gas
​+27 12 947​ 2893​


For any customer related enquiries please email or Sherona Reddy at