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NMISA maintains a realisation of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), called UTC (ZA), for South Africa, Eswatini & Lesotho. The current time is :  

South African Standard Time (SAST) is defined as UTC + 2 hours. The current time is : for South Africa, Eswatini & Lesotho. The current time is :


The dosimetry standards laboratories of the NMISA are an important part of the country’s infrastructure to support the South African medical, mining, agricultural, nuclear and other industries where radiation and radiation equipment are present. The Laboratories are entrusted with a large variety of radiation instruments and detectors and generally offer calibration and testing services on such equipment as well as a variety of measurement services.

The dosimetry laboratories maintain the national measurement standards for dosimetry, including absolute absorbed dose to water and absolute air kerma. The standards maintained include instruments used for: 

  • Teletherapy cancer treatment. 
  • Brachytherapy cancer treatment. 
  • Environmental radiation monitoring and radiation protection. 
  • Neutrons detection. 
  • Diagnostic radiology. 
The dosimetry laboratories collectively provide traceability to the international system of units (SI) and maintain the primary units of radiation dose, the Gray (Gy), the Sievert (Sv) and others.

Farmar type ionisation chambers.PNG 

Figure 1: Farmar type ionisation chambers positioned for calibration against a 60Co Beam

Neutron detector.PNG

Figure 2: Neutron detector being positioned for calibration against a thermal neutron beam.

​How we can help you

Radiation dose Calibration Services
  • Teletherapy cancer treatment. 
    • Calibration ​of Farmar, Semiflex, Parallel plane and other types of ionisation chambers used for teletherapy treatments. Instruments are calibrated for air kermer and absorbed dose to water. 
  • •Brachytherapy cancer treatment. 
    • Calibration of Well type ionisation chambers used for brachytherapy treatments and associated electrometers.
  • Environmental radiation monitoring and radiation protection.
    • Calibration of environmental monitoring radiation detectors including survey meters and electronic personal dosimeters (EPDs) 
  • Neutrons detection.
    • Calibrations of neutron detectors and neutron monitoring equipment.
  • Diagnostic radiology
    • Calibration of diagnostic radiology detectors used for such applications as CT scanning, mammography and general radiography. Instruments are calibrated under a variety of X-ray beam qualities.

The team

​​Name and Surname

​Sibusiso Jozela​​
​Section Manager Bio Medical Sciences​​: Dosimetry Standards
​+27 12 947 2867
​Refuoe Pepenene
​Scientist: Dosimetry Standards
​+27 12 947 2855
​​Wendy Thoka​ 
Metrologist: Dosimetry Standards 
+27 12 947 2891
​Daniel Cwele 
​Systems Developer: Dosimetry Standards
​+2712 947 2732 
​Nkosingiphile Maphumulo
​Scientist: Dosimetry Ionising Radiation 

​​Pheladi Molema
Metrologist: Dosimetry Standards
​ +2712 947 2845 


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