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Gas Analysis

​​​Welcome to the Gas Analysis section of NMISA

To align the section with the organisational 2020 and beyond strategy based on the needs of the country, SADC and African Continent, the section will focus on various development projects with the aim of Shortening the Measurement Traceability to the South African Industries and SADC and African Continent. The goal is to produce the Primary Reference Gas Mixtures which are traceable to the SI units with small uncertainty.

The section is developing National Measurement Standards in support of Global Atmospheric Watch (GAW) for Ambient Air monitoring gases, in support of Air Quality monitoring industries ect

  • Volatile Organic Compounds such as BTEX, Terpenes, HAPs, NMHCs.
  • Greenhouse Gases projects.
  • Gas Industrialisation projects (Natural Gases)
  • Stack Emission projects
  • Biogases projects
  • Indoor air quality
  • Particulate Matter (PM2.5 and PM10)
  • Stack emission gas standards
  • Ozone measurements
  • Gas sensors technology

Future Measurement needs

Please tell us about any measurement needs you may have, your input will help us to develop our future work. Some examples of these might be:
  • Issues relating to calibration gases.
  • Issues relating to Purity analysis.
  • Training requirements in the field of Gas Analysis such as FTIR and GCs coupled with different detectors.
  • Uncertainty of measurements using Guide of Uncertainty (GUM).
  • Gas Proficiency test​