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Proficiency Testing Schemes


The National Metrology Institute of South Africa (NMISA) was established under the Measurement Units and Measurement Standards Act No 18 of 2006. The NMISA is committed to supporting laboratories through the provision of proficiency testing schemes (PTs) that afford participating laboratories the opportunity to regularly demonstrate their continued analytical measurement competence​

PTs currently offered by the NMISA Organic Analysi​s Section​​​, operated according to ISO 17043 requirements, include:

Click on the PT scheme titles below to view protocols​​

  1. Aflatoxins in peanut butter
  2. Multiple mycotoxins in maize​​​
  3. Pesticides in Fruit​
  4. Organochlorine pesticides in water​
  5. Toxic and nutritional elements in wheat flour​
  6. Sodium in food​
  7. Amino acid and protein content in milk products​​​
  8. Nutritional content food labelling​
  9. Aqueous ethanol (forensic blood alcohol analysis and breathalyser calibration)​
  10. Aqueous sodium fluoride (blood sample preservatives)​
  11. Aqueous ethanol (breathalyser water bath calibration method)​
  12. Ad-hoc traceable gravimetrically prepared spike solutions for benchmarking when no PTs are commercially available​​

The NMISA provides a confidential service to participants that allows a laboratory to assess the accuracy of their test results using their routine laboratory methodologies, thereby testing the effectiveness of their methods and quality assurance programs. The provided PT report is generated to​ assist laboratories in identifying areas of improvement within their current quality system. A workshop will be held annually to discuss technical difficulties and ass​ist with resolving general analytical problems identified.

NMISA Proficiency Testing Schemes January 2019 – February 2020
​​​​Dis​​patch date*
PT scheme no. PT scheme description Aprox. sample size Cost**
(excl. VAT)​
​​​ Mycotoxins​​​​​ ​​ ​
Jul 2019​NMISA-PT-ORG39​Multiple Mycotoxins in Maize 
150 g​R3 500,00
Oct 2019​
NMISA-PT-ORG43​Aflatoxin in peanut butter​
​100 g
R2 800,00
​​ Pesticides​​
Apr 2019​NMISA-PT-ORG40​Highly polar pesticides in fruit (QuPPe-Method)​50 g + 50g blank​R6 000,00​
May 2019
NMISA-PT-ORG41 - Round 1​Pesticides in mango​50 g + 50 g blank​​ R6 000,00
Aug 2019
NMISA-PT-ORG41 - Round 2​ Pesticides in lemon​50 g + 50 g blank​ R6 000,00
Sep 2019
NMISA-PT-ORG42​ Pesticides in drinking water​2 x 1 L​ R2 900,00
​Oct 2019
NMISA-PT-ORG41 - Round 3​ Pesticides in avocado​50 g + 50 g blank​ R6 000,00
​Jan 2020
NMISA-PT-ORG41 - Round 4​ Pesticides in macadamia​50 g + 50 g blank​ R6 000,00
​​​​ ​Heavy metals​​​ ​ ​ ​
​Jul 2019
NMISA-PT-ORG44​Toxic elements in wheat flour ​100 g​R3 500,00​
​​​​​​Nutritional Content/Food labeling​​ ​ ​ ​
​Feb 2019
NMISA-PT-ORG36 - Round 3​Sodium reduction PT - instant noodles​2 x 50 g​ R2 500,00​​
​Apr 2019
NMISA-PT-ORG36 - Round 4​Sodium reduction PT - fat spread​2 x 50 g​ R2 500,00
​May 2019
NMISA-PT-ORG36 - Round 5​Sodium reduction PT - flavoured snack/crisps​2 x 50 g​ R2 500,00
​May 2019
NMISA-PT-ORG37​Amino acids, Nitrogen in Infant Formula/Milk Powder​100 g​R3 000,00​
​Jul 2019
NMISA-PT-ORG36 - Round 6​Sodium reduction PT - cured/processed meat product​2 x 50 g​ R2 500,00
​Jul 2019
NMISA-PT-ORG44​Nutritional Elements in wheat flour ​100 g​ R3 500,00
​Oct 2019
NMISA-PT-ORG45 - Round 1​Wheat flour - nutritional content labeling​100 g​ R2 500,00
​Dec 2019
NMISA-PT-ORG45 - Round 2​Milk powder - nutritional content labeling​100 g​ R2 500,00
​Feb 2020
NMISA-PT-ORG45 - Round 3​Meat - nutritional content labeling​100 g​R2 500,00​
​​​​​​​Forensic alcohol analysis​​ ​ ​ ​
​May 2019

NMISA-PT-ORG46 - Round 1​Forensic Blood Alcohol testing: Ethanol​3 levels x 25 mL each​ R6 300,00
​Aug 2019
NMISA-PT-ORG46 - Round 2​Forensic Blood Alcohol testing: Ethanol​3 levels x 25 mL each​ R6 300,00
​Jan 2010
NMISA-PT-ORG46 - Round 3​Forensic Blood Alcohol testing: Ethanol​3 levels x 25 mL each​R6 300,00​
​Sep 2019
NMISA-PT-ORG47​Forensic Blood preservation: Sodium fluoride​2 levels x 100 mL each​​R4 000,00​
​Jun 2019
NMISA-PT-ORG48​Breathalyser calibration using waterbath method​1 level x 4 x 500 mL​R7 000,00​
NMISA-PT-ORG​Beverage alcohol content (on request)​
*registration deadline 2 weeks before dispatch date
**excludes delivery costs, some materials will require shipping on ice

​​​Discounts apply when registering for multiple PT rounds PT materials are also available for QC use at R 800 per unit. The QC material reference value is the assigned PT reference value. Discounts apply when purchasing 10 or more units. Full details on shipping and result submission available in each PT scheme protocol description.

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